Dry Chemical Powder

Dry Chemical Powder

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Dry Chemical Powders (ABC Dry Chemical Powder)- Solidify Fire Parch Chemical Pulverize is a multi-use quenching medium that is utilized on traditional grades C, A and B fires. These pulverize includes a gamut of free stream and water retardant supplement to guarantee supreme execution, adaptability and capacity soundness.

Fields of Usages:

Intended for application against for every categorizes of fire flame ABC, our dry chemical powder is formed from Mono ammonium phosphate.

  • Class A Blazes – Our products is exceptionally powerful on blazing of Combustible items, for example, paper, woods or whatever other remnant.

  • Class B Blazes – It smothers the gas fires or combustible fluid by preventing the chemical response that breeds the fire.

  • Class C Blazes – This grade of fires incorporate electrical instruments. Furthermore, Chilling Combustion Parched Chemical Mean is to a great degree useful for Class C fires and don't direct power back to the client.

Quality Control and Approvals: Our Products are ISI marked and are ISO 9001:2000 approved.

Dry chemical powder is made for successful and naturally safe fire quenching items. It is yellow in shading and to a great degree effective for a long time, i.e, 3 years. Each manufacturing batch is quality inspected for its physical characteristics and quenching powder.