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Fire Fighting Agents and Dispersants

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  1. Wetting Agents

    Wetting Agents are basically quality chemical substances that increase the spreading and penetrating properties of a liquid. It lowers down the surface tension of water. These cooling and encapsulating type agents consist of surfactant components. Widely used in fire safety applications, these are mixed into water in a very small percentage for enhancing its extinguishing capabilities, leading to a rapid heat reduction and fire suppression.
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  2. Oil Spill Dispersants

    Our excellent quality Oil Spill Dispersants are the mixtures of emulsifiers and solvents. These compounds help break the oil into small droplets following an oil spill. This results in effective breakdown of oil as the small droplets are easier to disperse throughout a water volume, and might be they will be more readily biodegraded by microbes. These dispersants are specially formulated for quickly removing significant quantities of oil from the sea surface.
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  3. Dust Suppression Agents

    These Dust Suppression Agents are high in demand in various mines producing coal, zinc, silica, iron ore, limestone and copper ores. In addition, it is also used in coal handling plants, crushing, quarries, cement plants and stone crushers. These agents are highly soluble in water and effective reduce the surface tension of water. These agents wet the coal-ore up to the finest particles of dust and once the solution get dried up, the dust remains attached to the larger pieces of coal-ore and does not get air borne.
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  4. Fire Fighting Foam Agents

    These Fire Fighting Foam Agents have positive spreading coefficient on the surface of the fuel, providing fast coverage. Wisely formulated using environmental friendly fluorinated surfactants, hydrocarbon surfactants and stabilizers, these agents have long shelf life and deliver best fire fighting performance. Widely used to prevent, suppress or extinguish fire, these foam agents have excellent characteristic of film forming, resulting in rapid knock down of the flame and sealing of fuel surface.
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  5. Flame Retardant Agents

    These Flame Retardant Agents are the most important components for reducing the impact of fires on property, people and environment. These are used for potentially flammable materials, including textiles and plastics. These are commonly prepared using compounds like bromine, phosphorus, nitrogen or chlorine. These agents are widely used in electronics & electrical devices, building and construction materials, furnishings and transportation including airplanes, trains and automobiles.
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