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Fire Fighting Vehicles

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  1. DCP Tender

    DCP Tender is available in 1000 and 2000 kg capacity. This dry chemical powder tender is the most ideal and sophisticated equipment used in combating oil fires. In this tender, the manual lever on one cylinder is actuated which in turn sets all the rest cylinders automatically. As the pressure reaches the desired level, the powder valve is automatically opened. Body, cabin and control panel of this tender are fully illuminated for efficient night time operation. These tenders are dynamically balanced on the chassis and bolted firmly for even load distribution.
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  2. Emergency Rescue Tender

    This Emergency Rescue Tender comes in the category of disaster equipments. Widely used in various search and rescue flood relief operations, these tenders have attached hydraulic cranes with heavy weight carrying capacity. The tank of the tender is made using supreme quality stainless steel. Available in varied capacities, these rescue tenders are low on maintenance cost. We offer these rescue tenders to clients at competitive prices.
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  3. Foam Tender

    The structure of the Foam Tender is wisely manufactured using supreme quality stainless steel, mild steel, extruded aluminium profiles and GRP. It carries Flouro protein foam liquid and foam making equipment for fighting fires that involve flammable liquids. These tenders are designed in such a way that they prevent liquid spills from igniting. The offered vehicles carry high expansion foam for dealing with fires in restricted access areas, such as ship holds and basements. It also equipped with a foam monitor and manual/automatic foam system.
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  4. Fire Fighting and Rescue Hydraulic Platform

    A Fire Fighting and Rescue Hydraulic Platform is widely used for rescuing people from high rise tower blocks and other tall buildings. The platform is raised to windows or balconies to rescue stranded persons. These hydraulic platforms are available for clients on different chassis for maximum performance and reliability. These durable, high-tech products fulfill all requirements of rescue operations and achieve a wide range of working heights.
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  5. Multipurpose Tender

    This Multipurpose Tender is widely used for rescue operations and fire fighting works. It can be used to store and carry foam concentrates and dry chemical powders for extinguishing fires. The body of the tender is made using robust quality mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum profiles. Fully illuminated for night time rescue operations, these tenders are easy to operate and low on maintenance cost.
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  6. Water Cannon

    Our Water Cannon is specially designed for use on varied fire fighting vehicles. Feature stainless steel swivels, these cannons are designed with electric motors that are completely sealed from outside environment elements. It is a device that shoots a high-velocity stream of water for extinguishing fire. These are widely used in firefighting, large vehicle washing, riot control and mining. These nozzles are available with a number of different nozzles to suit every application.
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  7. Water Mist Tender

    Our Water Mist Tender is widely used in various fire fighting operations. The body of the tender is wisely manufactured using supreme quality stainless steel, mild steel, extruded aluminium profiles and GRP for high strength and reliability. It carried gallons of water to the site of fire. These tenders are designed in such a way that they prevent water from spilling. It is available in varied capacities to meet the needs of fire fighters.
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  8. Water Tender

    Also known as tanker, this Water Tender is specialized firefighting equipment. Specially designed for transporting water from a water source to a fire scene, this tender is capable of drafting water from a stream, lake or hydrant. Available in varied capacities to meet the wide requirements of clients, our complete range is offered to clients at highly competitive rates.
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