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Foam Equipments

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  1. Handline Nozzles

    In order to fight small and medium size fires, it is required to direct water from a safe distance onto the fire area, in the required form such as large or small droplets. Handline Nozzles offered by us are specially designed for the job of converting the pressure energy of water into its velocity energy and then projecting it in the required form. These are the high- quality adjustable, constant-flow nozzles, available in low, medium and high expansion versions.
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  2. Bladder Tanks

    Bladder Tanks are available for clients in horizontal, vertical and pre-piped models. These are most integral component of a balanced pressure proportioning system which also includes a pressure-rated tank and an internal elastomeric bladder for foam concentrate storage. Once the system actuates, the incoming water applies pressure to the concentrate in the bladder, which eventually supplies pressurized concentrate to the proportioning device. As these tanks require no external power supply, they are more economical compared to pump systems.
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  3. Foam Chambers

    These Foam Chambers are extensively used to protect various types of flammable liquid storage tanks. It is highly suitable for use in cone roof tanks with or without internal floaters and open top floating roof tanks. This chamber is installed inside a flammable liquid storage tank above the product’s highest liquid level. Manufactured using carbon steel or stainless steel with corrosion resistant epoxy paint finish, this chamber has a vapor seal which allows unrestricted flow of expanded. We have types of chambers for various foam solution flow rate requirements.
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  4. Foam Generators

    The Foam Generators are specially engineered to expand foam solution into millions of tiny stable bubbles. Powered by the foam solution driving a hydraulic (water) motor, it requires no other source of power such as electricity or gasoline engines. The continuous flow of the foam solution and the movement of air through the stainless steel perforated screens generate large volumes of foam. Offers ease of installation, this generator can be mounted horizontally as well as vertically.
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  5. Foam Equipments

    We offer these Foam Equipments to clients in both portable and fixed configurations. Highly suitable for a variety of on and off-shore applications, these low maintenance equipments are primarily used where flammable liquids are stored or processed in high risk situations. Our equipments are highly preferred by firefighters for their durability, versatility and performance. We have equipments in light alloy and gunmetal options to meet the requirements of both industrial and marine applications.
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  6. Fire Fighting Nozzles

    Made of 100% solid brass, these Fire Fighting Nozzles feature heavy duty designs. Capable withstanding high pressures and flow, these nozzles are available for clients in varied dimensions to meet their exact needs. Compatible for use with all types of fire extinguishers, our complete range is highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion. Easy to connect, it is leak proof in design.
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